Week 1 Findings

Comm 100 Weekly Website Findings / Class Notes / Personal Learning


Week 1: http://personalbranding101.com/qr-codes-personal-branding


  • Getting noticed is a major part of being in a Communications career. Standing out from the rest is crucial for obtaining the desired amount of recognition, because even if your credentials are stupendous you still need that edge.
  • Being innovative is a good way to get notice, as a way to set yourself apart from the rest.
  • A QR (quick response) code is a good way to transmit data while occupying a small amount of physical space. You can refer to ‘about me’ or ‘contact me’ pages within a resume of a cover letter.
  • Making sure that things are readily available and easy to access is critical to finding a career and being hired.
  • Being up to date with technology and job opportunities will help you go far in a communication career.


Class Notes: 9/25/14

Presenter: Brother Williams

Focus: Journalism and blogging


– What has a journalist done for me lately? More like what hasn’t a journalist done for me lately.

– “Without an informed citizenry, democracy is a farce.” Dang.

– As members of the Church, we should be better at keeping up with what is going on in the world.

– Just like the QR codes, the way we get out to people in journalism is changing as well. Creativity is for more than artists.

– Specified areas of journalism are cropping up such as Content Marketing and Brand Journalism.

– Blogging too is experiencing major changes in the way that we connect with people. Possible monetization.

– What makes the press so important?

– If I don’t do it, who will?


Journalism is a crucial part of modern society. How people stay connected, updated, and current all depend upon journalists. As with all Communication careers, effective writing and personal communication is vital to your success as a journalist. Being professional and creative will also give you an edge in the professional world, just like the implementation of modern communication methods such as QR codes.




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