Week 2 Findings

Week 2: http://www.ap.org/


  • The Associated Press is one of the most trusted independent and unbiased news sources in news media. As such, their style of formatting should be followed to be professional.
  • Applicants for full-time, regular news jobs should have a minimum 18 months of full-time news experience at a daily newspaper or broadcast station. This goes to show that a lot of work is required to make it big, thank goodness for practicum opportunities.
  • The AP is deeply committed to fair, objective and independent journalism and has clearly stated its code in The AP News Values and Principles. Just as is AP, I should be committed to being objective and fair, especially in my writing.
  • More than 30 AP journalists have given their lives in this pursuit of the news. “I go with Custer and will be at the death,” AP reporter Mark Kellogg wrote before Custer’s final stand against the Sioux. And so he was. Passion is a necessity in all aspects of life.
  • I went through AP’s list of rules and guidelines that they follow, and have come to the conclusion that if I can hold myself to anywhere near that quality of rules, I will live a happy life.


Class Notes: 10/02/14

Presenter: Brother Thompson

Focus: ICOM

– What do we do with our educations? Why are we here?

– How do you get a job? How do you get experience?

– Do things that help you down your path to your future careers.

– Everything comes with practice, and it makes sense to practice what applies to you and your job.


– There is no job in this world that does not involve writing.


Being a part of a communication career requires experience. Really, being part of any career requires experience. At BYUI there are many opportunities for students to obtain that ever-needed experience. One of these is through participation in ICOMM. ICOMM can help me as a communication student in providing me with skills and knowledge that will advance me into a higher plain of availability. Being able to provide employers with a resume that contains information that shows you are involved and able to preform to their wants is critical. ICOMM provides all of this.


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