Week 4 Findings

Week 4: http://www.timeanddate.org/


  1. In communications, specifically journalism, it is important to distinguish between things that are timely and things that are timeless.
  2. In visual communication, knowing what time the sun rises and sets can be very useful to a photographer.
  3. Knowing things that happen at specific times throughout the world, especially when producing videos or writing news stories.
  4. Appealing to people is visually is of import, because it draws people in.
  5. Having content that is laid out in a logical and visually appealing manner helps in the flow of things.



Class Notes 10/16/14

Presenter: Sister Esplin

Focus: Visual Communication


  • 5 branches of visual communication: Digital Imaging, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Production / Multimedia.
  • More jobs are becoming available for visual media majors.
  • You need the ESV Factor – Efficient, Skilled, and Versatile
  • To appear up to date, you will need a good website and print portfolio.
  • Customize resumes and letters for targeted companies to make yourself stand out.
  • Make it happen! You have got to put yourself out there.


The visual side of many jobs in increasing, and not just in the communication field which means being well versed in these areas will greatly aid my career search. Likewise, just as was stated in the video production, learning multiple skills and trades would most definitely come in handy, especially since the industry standard is having one person that can do many things. Getting out there and learning the skills, especially those within the visual emphasis, is the best way to advance myself.


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