Week 5 Findings

Week 5: http://www.byuideanspics.com/, http://www.byuiphotographics.com/, http://300.commbyui.org/blog/


  1. Skills in not only Photoshop, but simple photography as well can really spruce up a portfolio, or a resume.
  2. A little creativity can go a long way.
  3. As a Communications major, seizing the opportunity to learn about these visual things while I am here at school is important for me to take advantage of.
  4. While learning theory and technique are important, it is also very important to know how to apply this knowledge to your own creativity to create truly fantastic content.
  5. With all of the resources here on campus, I would be a fool not to utilize them to the max.



Class Notes 10/23/14

Presenter: Brother Hicks

Focus: Public Relations


  • Many concerns can be brought up about various items that will have to be dealt with.
  • Public relations is like education, you’ve got to let people know what you are really all about.
  • Transparency – share information with the public
  • Public relation is a planned process to influence public opinion
  • You obviously go to your public, for that relationship
  • PR Campaigning is a method used to sway the perception of the general public
  • Writing, again
  • Press Releases ( work with the media ), writing down information obtained from interviews, brochures, speeches, webpages, etc.
  • Spin (not advised) is misleading people through tricky language.
  • “All truth eventually bubbles to the surface.” –Sherry Dew
  • Every good organization has a story to tell. Public Relations job is to find and tell that story.
  • There exist different publics such as the media, stockholders, the investment community, competitors, suppliers, special interest groups, community neighbors, customers, etc.


As a communication major looking for a career in the communications field, being able to actually communicate with people, including the people within the general public is quite significant. This is where Public relations come into play. No matter what career anyone goes into being able to inform people of the nature of the work that you’re doing will ease a world of unknowing. Even if you’re not trying to change people’s opinion about what you’re doing, letting them know would be a very good place to start.


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