Week 6 Findings

Week 6: http://www.prssa.org/


  1. Public Relations functions to help an organization and its public(s) to mutually accept each other. Mutual acceptance will help things run smoothly within the realm of communications.
  2. Numerous resources are available to help you learn about public relations, which is important to back check facts and information, as is done within journalism.
  3. Public relations is the organized effort to communicate information and to modify attitudes and behavior on behalf of a client or a cause. Informing people is crucial in any Communication career, especially public relations and journalism.
  4. A central assumption of public relations is that its practitioners possess special skills in assessing, interpreting, and modifying public opinion. Which goes to show that knowing things in more than filed of study is crucial.
  5. In addition to a study of power in the communications process, there is a need for a more precise definition of the concept of “opinion leader.” That’s all that a public relations person does, they sway the opinions of the masses.


Class Notes 10/30/14

Presenter: Sister Hendricks

Focus: Advertising


  • Your previous experience doesn’t matter, just start.
  • Advertising TELLS
  • Source, Encode, Message, Channel, Decoding, Receiver
  • Advertiser, Ad, Medium, Consumer, Feedback
  • Product, People, Place (distribution), Promotion, People
  • By Target Audience, By geographic Area, By Media, By Purpose
  • Not product placement, its brand integration
  • Print, Electronic, Interactive Media, Out-of-Home, Direct Mail, Other…


After the course of this lecture (along with many other lectures), it seems like the entire purpose of communication careers is to direct a particular message to the intended audience. With advertising that was extremely prevalent; you take some product or service, and you create the message that needs to be transmitted, and you distribute it to the intentional audience. This entire process seems to carry all the way throughout the communications field.


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