Project 1 – Flier

Flier 1 Revision Final Final Final

Black & White publicity flier to sponsor a graduate leadership conference.

Firstly, I created some sketches for my layout. I then used my sketches as a guide to create this arrangement in Adobe InDesign. I reiterated the circles on top and bottom for repetition and unity as well as for diagonal asymmetry. I also emphasized the title for more juxtaposition, and to produce a good central point. To create more variation, I took the image in to Adobe Photoshop and increased the contrast. I left enough white space for things to remain clean and interesting, and kept my body copy small. I was given the image, logo, and content for this flier.

The purpose of this flier was reach upcoming and current graduates, who want to have an advantage by becoming robust leaders, to inform them how this leadership seminar will help them.

Recent graduates who are 20-28 years of age.

Top thing learned:
I learned the importance of alignment, and how failing to notice small things can throw off a design entirely.

Title Font Name & Category:
Alegreya Sans SC Heavy / Light – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:
Garamond Regular / Bold – Oldstyle

Links to all images you used in this project:



3 thoughts on “Project 1 – Flier

  1. The colors (different shades I should say) complement each other well. I also like how the flier looks like it’s something people would be willing to go to. The people on the poster look like they’re having a good time and the event could be a good one. Also it captures the attention of the eye nicely too. Good job.


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