Project 3 – Photodesign


Description: A full-bleed poster designed to show high quality photography and image editing skills. Also to show accurate color design and theme into a poster layout while using color from the original photo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills: To start off I chose a color scheme that would work with my upbeat and humorous message and decided to go with Complementary using the colors blue and orange. I shot  a quality photo with good light, mostly sharp focus, and nice composition, but after receiving a critique I took the photo again, but this time having my model hold still as the first picture was slightly blurred. For the second photo I used a Nikon Coolpix S810c. I then brought the photo into Photoshop and edited the image for peak attractiveness using these effect changes: levels, sharpness, saturation, and color balance. I then designed an 8.5×11 landscape layout that including my photo, some text, and repeating design elements. I placed my color scheme title, color names, and color swatches into my design.  I used the eye dropper tool and adjusted the value of the color to match the colors selected to those within my image. I desaturated and blurred the background to make my subject’s face “pop” out more and the bring more contrast. I downloaded a free to use brush to create the “party” going on around my model’s head, and I masked out the areas in front of the head to bring in a 3D element to the design.

Message: A humorous quote intended to be read quickly and a fun and bright color scheme to match.

Audience: Young adults – Adults age 15 – 30 approximately.

Top Thing Learned: I learned how to plan and prepare a color scheme and layout for a design  before ever taking the photo.

Color scheme: Complimentary color names: Blue and Orange

Title Font Name & Category: Gravity – Light / Bold, Sans Serif
Copy Font Name & Category: Alegreya Sans Light Italic : Sans Serif

Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted:


Date and time of photo taken: Thursday May 21, at approximately 6:00 PM



4 thoughts on “Project 3 – Photodesign

  1. Jacob,
    I loved your design. I think the idea was really cute and it was done well. I really liked that you edited so much of the bathroom out and brought it closer. You can still tell you are in a bathroom but without having to look at much of it. I thought it was such a cute idea to have the party streamers coming out of your head. It really ties the quote to the design well. Your color scheme was really nice too. Good Job! Jayce Hebdon’s!
    Here is a link to


  2. Jacob, this is awesome. I love the photo because of the content and quality. Also, you did a great job of using the rule of thirds and lead room. The confetti makes it pretty fun and really brings in the color composition. I also like your choice of typography, I feel like it goes with what you are saying.

    To find another great blog, check this one out:


  3. cassieg0822 says:

    Jacob, I really liked this design! I really love what you did with the lines behind Quadens head. It really added a feeling of completeness to your piece! I really enjoyed your color scheme, it was very nice, and did a lot to make your design feel professional. Also the quote you used made me laugh, so thanks for that!
    You should check out Ellies work as well. They did a great job!


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