Project 4 – Montage


Description: A full-bleed poster designed to show high quality image editing skills. Also to show accurate color design and theme into a poster layout while conveying an underlying spiritual tone.

Process :

  1. To start off I collected all of the images needed for this project, making sure to look for high quality, good resolution photos.
  2. I then took the images into Photoshop and turned off the visibility of all except that of Christ, and placed the image of the Savior as the background. I then duplicated the layer to retain the original and not lose quality.
  3. I added some contrast to the image as well as some lighting adjustments to make the Savior stand out to create a more apparent focal point.
  4. After adjusting the background to my liking, I made the image of the hands visible again and duplicated the layer twice. With the bottom layer selected I desaturated the image and set the opacity to about 70%. I then added a layer mask to the upper layer and masked away the parts of the image that were overly colorful thus allowing for focus to go to the grapes. I then changed the opacity on the color layer to about 80%.
  5. To create the text portion of the design I first sought out to find a quote or scripture that would correlate to my photos. After selecting an appropriate quote I copied it into photoshop and selected an appropriate font. I then added emphasis to important words and made a separate word box for the word blood. To color the word, I selected a color from the image of the hands that would contrast well with the background to retain readability. I made sure that the text was a reasonable distance from the edge of the page, as well as from other design elements.
  6. To finish, I printed the image to check colors and flow, and made adjustments accordingly. I reprinted and saved the image to be suitable for Internet use.
  7. Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop

Filter Used: I used a sharpen filter on both of the images in order to create a little more detail and clarity.

Message: To convey the importance of, and the sacrifice that went into the sacrament.

Audience: Anybody that is or is not religious that is in need of the message of the gospel and sacrament.

Top Thing Learned: I learned that in order to have a design be effective, you must make sure that all of the elements within the design agree with each other and compliment your message.

Color scheme: Monochromatic Color names: Blue

Title Font Name & Category: Myriad Pro Bold Condensed, Bold, Italic : Sans Serif

Thumbnails of images used:

photo-1423483641154-5411ec9c0ddf Gethsemane1

Sources (Links to images on original websites):





2 thoughts on “Project 4 – Montage

  1. Wow, I love your design Jacob! I love how you incorporated the two images. And I love how you used the image of the grapes because it makes the viewer think of wine and the sacrament. I also love how you used the scripture in your design. You took the most important part of the scripture and incorporated it wisely. It’s a really interesting design! Well done!

    Check out Ellie’s design! It’s super cool, too!


  2. Nice design! I really like the depth of it, both in the composition and in the message. Your color scheme, though more subtle, adds a great visual flow. Using the black and white, then adding a pop of subtle color really draws the eye and adds emphasis to the message of this design. The two images you chose to bland together are a really nice choice, and they depict the scripture really well. All in all, I think your montage has great gestalt.


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