Project 5 – Logo Design


A Logo design for an fictional barber shop.

To start off I sketched out about seven different logo ideas for this company and then chose three to refine. I took a picture of the sketches and imported it into Illustrator. I used the pen tool to trace my sketches and refine the edges to make everything crisp and clean. I then took a vote on the three different refined logos to determine which one people like the best. I then took their suggestions and chose the barber shop type logo to make the final  for the company. I refined the logo even more taking into account spacing, typography, and color schemes. I formatted the logo to work well in black and white, in color, and in white on color.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator

Message: A barbershop where the guys cutting your hair are true gentlemen.

Audience: People with hair.

Top Thing Learned: How to create effective objects and designs in Illustrator using the pen tool.

Color scheme: Triadic    Color names: Blue, Red, and Yellow

Font Name & Category: STIX General Regular / Bold – Oldstyle


3 thoughts on “Project 5 – Logo Design

  1. I really like the way that you incorporated the colors! I love the image, it goes alone with the company very well, but at the same time, it really let’s the consumer think about it. I like the flow of the design. I’m not really sure what you did to get that specific flow, but it really works! I also really like the company, very creative!

    You should check out Makenzi’s as well!

    Great job!


  2. Jacob, well done on your logo! I love you re-created the barber shop logo on your own. You definitely did a really good job using the pen tool. The font that you chose for the logo is great, it goes well with the barber theme. What really caught my attention was the colors that you chose. The colors I’m use to seeing in a barber logo is blue, red, and white. I liked that you added yellow instead, it works really well together. I like the color logo but for some reason I really like the black and white one! Great job on this project.
    Here’s the link to Ellis logo project, she did a great job too!


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