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Description: Some letterhead and business card designs that match each other to create unity and branding, all while using a newly designed logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills)I created the logo using the pen tool and image references in Adobe Illustrator. I used the pathfinder tool to cut and combine these shapes to create the walrus logo and the plaid pattern. Once I had created the logo, I opened a new InDesign document to placed my logo’s illustrator file onto.

The first page I created was that of the business cards.  Within InDesign I placed the logo and contact information onto some rectangular shapes to make the cards stand out from the background. I kept the logo and contact information the exact same size as the information on the letterhead for unity and repetition. I placed the plaid design and positioned the front side to have some continuation of the lines and I enlarged the back for a bit of contrast and repetition. 

For the Letterhead, I positioned the placed logo in the top right corner, and put the contact information on the top left. I created and placed a continued plaid design from Illustrator to place on the top, along with a smaller version on the bottom. I also added a large version of the Walrus logo icon as a watermark for unity. I moved the opacity down to about 7%.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign

Message: Astoria Aquatics is a fictional company that is located in Oregon and is dedicated to providing people access to marine dwelling plants and animals. The walrus shows what you can expect when you arrive and the company’s message to the people.

Audience:  Anybody from in the community or traveling through that would like to learn about the wonders of water based life.

Top things learned: How to brand a company using a unified letterhead and business card design through repetition, unity, and logo design.

Color scheme: Analogous  Color Names: Blue, Teal, and Indigo

Title Font Name & Category: Kohinoor Devanagari Bold – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Kohinoor Devanagari Medium – Sans Serif


4 thoughts on “Stationery Creation”

  1. Hi Jacob! Sweet design! My favorite part is the crisscross design you have. I think it brings your business card and your letterhead together really well. I also think your walrus design is so cool! I don’t know how you were able to draw that yourself, because I know that I couldn’t! Your watermark also looks really good. I didn’t use a watermark on mine, but you can check it out here!


  2. The plaid is great! It fits perfectly with the aquatics. Also, I like how the walrus has no eyes. It allows the viewer to place any emotion on they desire. The detail on his shading is great as well. You mentioned a bit about how you created him but how much of if really included the pen tool? What did you use for inspiration? Take a look at JayC Hebdon’s work.


  3. Hey Jacob!

    Awesome job! I really love your design and your logo, I think that they go perfectly with your message. I also think that the color scheme you chose really matches the message as well. I really liked your font choices. Overall, awesome job! I think your project is really cool, I love walruses. Keep up the good work!

    Ellie also did an awesome job on her project! You can find it here:


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