Tasteful Typography Project

Microsoft Word - Document2.docx

Here is the project in Microsoft Word.

Word Dog

Message: Happiness is 100% a choice you get to make on your own.

Audience: Anybody feeling down. Preferably people that like dogs.

Process: I first found an image that I wanted to do, and a quote that would go along with it. I wanted the message to associate closely with the picture. So I found a royalty free image of an adorable dog and a quote about happiness to go along with it. I used Microsoft Word exclusively to design the layout and elements of the image. I placed the image into Word, did some resizing while paying close attention to placement and stretching. I felt like the quote would be easier to read if there was a slightly transparent design element between the text and the background image. I chose to use the brackets a couple of times to get that feeling of repetition. I made sure to use contrasting fonts that showed not only visual interest, but points of importance.

Critique Report: I had a couple of critiques with my roommates, as well as some that came from online. In these critiques I learned a few things about the design I don’t think I had noticed when designing. Firstly, the fonts contrasted, but by adding more emphasis through using the fonts to show importance I could achieve a more impactful look. Also, as was pointed out from the online critique I needed to match the color from the big brackets to the smaller brackets to create continuity and flow. I changed the color of the smaller brackets and added more emphasis through using multiple fonts.

Link to Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/U5rMrSI7Pn4

Font Name/Category: Title: Adobe Naskh Medium, oldstyle   Body Copy: Alegreya Sans, sans-serif


7 thoughts on “Tasteful Typography Project

  1. This image is very sweet. I called my attention. It seems like the dog is talking. The fonts, the color , and the picture had a connection. Great work!


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