Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Jacob Hayes FX
Objective: Create awareness what the company offers in terms of services.
Strategy: Create an info-graphic that can be put on Facebook or a company blog that displays some of the different products and services that Jacob Hayes FX offers. The main reason for the info-graphic is to spread awareness for the company in general.


Process and Reasoning: To start off, I decided that an infographic is a great way to spread awareness for a business while being visually interesting and providing a lot of information in one compact setting. I chose the color scheme (complementary) because it was laid back and provided for areas of great contrast. It helps keep a professional feel for the marketing campaign. The infographic should be something that people can look at once and get a lot of information about the company. I wanted the design to flow better, so I added the triangles to help guide the eye from one part of the design to the next. The design shows off what the company does and how much they do it. The audience is broad, since, as it says, virtually every company will need a website. I created the infographic using Adobe Illustrator.

Critique: I critiqued Beth Kirby’s and Emma Merrill’s projects. I was critiqued by both my professor as well as a classmate, Shanalee Manwaring. They mentioned that it would be a good idea to keep good visual flow and proximity as well as providing a link to the website since the infographic was promoting a business for web design and development. I  added the triangles to allow for better visual guidance and I added a website to the bottom of the graphic. I think the advice that was given was incredibly useful, but I kept some of my originality firm.


5 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Project

  1. I really like the color scheme and the overall professional look of this project. The triangles do help to guide the eye- great choice. I like your contrast in typography which really draws the eye to your main points.

    Check out my blog where I also created an InfoGraphic here:

    Check out Stephanie Mansfields blog and her InfoGraphic here:


  2. Charity Jacob says:

    This is awesome! I loved the colors and typography that you used. The images you choose for the infographic are excellent too. I especially loved how you used an arrow in each shape to help lead you through the information.

    You should check our Kristen Dunnells project.

    While you are at it, check out mine too.


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