LFC Photography Activity

Light : Outdoors


Light: Indoors


Focus: Background


Focus: Foreground

JacobHayes-Focus - Foreground-03

Composition: Rule of Thirds

JacobHayes-Composition-Leading Lines-05

Composition: Lead Room

JacobHayes-Composition- Lead Room-06


I loved learning about the basics of photography, and having it actually make sense. For the first image I focused on the center of the sky and lightened the Spori building and the lawn in some software for an overall good “exposed” look. (Don’t take photos when the sky is all one shade of grey.) I then took a photo of my friends’ Martinelli  bottle  in the beautiful natural window light in our bedroom. I place the bottle on his denim quilt for contrast. For the focus images, I took the “same” photo of my cactus, and my pen holder. I had plenty of window and lamp light lightening up the shot. I took two shots, moving to the left or right to get the focus on the correct object before repositioning the frame to the correct position.

Lastly, I took an image in my apartment complex of the fire alarm for one of my composition shots. I placed the alarm itself on a one-third line with the water line in the background on another. I aligned the alarm to fit within the two horizontal thirds lines. Then, for the last photo, I framed my roommate’s’ eyes on the top one-third line and his chin on the other. I made sure he stayed to the left side of the frame and faced him into the other side of the frame to allow adequate lead room.


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