Photographic Study Project

Tone Sound Hole Marshall Tilt Interconnect

Music Collection

I really liked the ideas that this assignment presented to me. Looking at things with a new perspective and take visually appealing images presented a challenge, but allowed for a lot of learning. I took twelve photos of a guitar all with different perspectives and depths of field. I then took all of the images into Photoshop and edited them to look professional quality. I then took 7 of the images and made a collage in Photoshop.

Volume Tone Strings Sound Hole Rocket Special Reflection Marshall Tilt Line In Interconnect Cable Head Body Shot Amp Nob


2 thoughts on “Photographic Study Project

  1. I love your project! I think instruments are so beautiful and a great choice to photograph. I did my piano for my project, and it was a lot of fun looking closer at it, and getting good pictures of it. I really like how you chose a great variety of photos – some are close up, some far away, some are of the black part, some of the gold color. It really makes the overall project very nice to look at. The picture of the cord was very creative also. Great job!!

    Check out my piano post at:


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