Movie Poster Project



Message/ Audience: I wanted the message to be a humorous light-hearted suspense movie all at once with a touch of drama. It should come across as a dramatic movie poster until you look at the context of the image and the text. The audience for this image is just about anybody that wants to take a gander at it or who wants to see what I can come up with when asked to make a movie poster. The overall message is that I can create a movie poster while still having fun with the project.

Critique Report: I critiqued Kristen Dunnell and Hannah Taylor’s projects. I also met with my roommates to have them tell me what they thought about the design. In my critique they it was suggested that I should add some more red to the design to match the color of the hat and create more unity, I achieved this by adding in a new background image with the red boat in it. The instructor critique was helpful as she said to add in a tagline as well as to move the text at the bottom up a little to accommodate for a margin that would come from printing.

Fonts: Title –  Adobe Garamond (Oldstyle)   Body Copy – Gill Sans Regular (Sans Serif)  Actor Text – SF Movie Poster Font (sans serif)

Images: The image of the man was taken by me (he’s my roommate), all other photos courtesy of


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