Web Page Layout




Process: I started out with sketches and started with a simple layout that would translate into a professional looking website. I then made up a hypothetical company for the subject of the website. To make the layout more attractive I chose a color scheme (green and red) and searched different images to match those colors. I then created my shape map, and added in all of the content that would be in the page. My audience was anyone who wants or needs a website designed for their company. The message is that we are there to provide excellent quality websites. I made quite a few changes throughout the process of refining my draft, but I am proud of how the website looks.

Critique: I critiqued Emma Merrill and Jacob Clawson’s projects. They provided me with encouragement and positive feedback. The instructor critique was probably the most helpful that I received. I made the company “logo” bigger so it drew in attention more than it did before. I also made the tagline shorter so it didn’t conflict with the background. That caused  it to match my layout a lot better. I followed most of the advice given, but there were some that I still felt I could leave there.

Color Scheme: Complimentary (Red and Green)

Images fromhttp://www.unsplash.com

Font: Myriad Pro (Sans Serif)


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