Magazine Spread Project

The first step in my Magazine Layout Project was to make sketches and a shape map. This was so that I could get all of my ideas out of my head and onto paper.  I started off with two sketches (shown below) and then took my favorite one and started to build a shape map of it in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. The black boxes are where the images will go, and there is placeholder text where my story will go. The color scheme is analogous from red to blue.

Sketches shape map

And this is the final project in its complete form. There were a significant number of changes that were made when compared to the original, but I like how it turned out. I based a lot of the design off of the sketches but had to make some changes to accommodate image size. I tried to make a good amount of visual flow so that the eye moved naturally across the page. Overall, I really liked the amount of effort that this project required. It took a lot of skills that I have learned and made me apply the principles into one project.

magazine spread new

Critique: I critiqued BreAnna Fryer and Alli Bohls’ projects. I got my critique from Lauren Forson and Tiffany Carbajal. They liked the design elements in the corners of the page , but suggested that the images should be un-feathered to match  the design elements as well. I also made a little more breathing room for the text as a whole. My instructor suggested that I should not justify the text and instead left or right align. I left aligned all of the paragraphs on the spread. I also made sure I didn’t tab in the beginnings of paragraphs so as to avoid ghastly gaps. I think the advice that was given was incredibly useful, but I kept some of my originality firm.

Fonts: Headings : Myriad Pro (sans serif)   body copy: Times (Oldstyle)

Image Sources: All images from




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