Message: Showcasing my abilities in relation to design.

Audience: Potential Employers

Process: I started out by designing the base background for each of my slides and determining a color scheme. I then went through and added all of the titles and small graphics for each of the different projects that I chose to showcase. I then took the individual files for each of the projects and places them into the slideshow. I saved the slideshow as a PDF and then uploaded it to slideshare to have online for potential employers.

Critique: I critiqued Lauren Forsen and Collette Lee’s projects. I got critiques from Carrie Hunt and Leah Goodwin. They said that the slideshow would look better if the colors of the headlines on each slide matched the color from the projects so the design and the images worked better together. I changed the colors to match, but left the rest of the layout because I liked the simplicity of it.


13 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. I really like your background and the little icons you put with each slide are fun. I can really see your personality in your presentation and that will really benefit you when an employer looks at this. Great job on our last project.


  2. Hey Great Work! Your portfolio looks great. You have a great design and the projects all semester look top notch. I really like your font you chose for you slides. All together very professional looking work.


  3. Great Job Jacob! I though you showcased your work very well and did amazing at making it look so professional. I am very impressed with your skill and attention to detail on this project.


  4. Jacob, your portfolio looks so professional. I love the way the simple white box around each design mimics the white margins of each project. The blue backgrounds adds class to your portfolio. Adding the icons the symbolize each project was a great (and fun) idea.


  5. Charity Jacob says:

    Awesome job Jacob! You are very talented. I loved your portfolio. The colors and typography are great. The order of your projects were presented well. Keep up the good work.


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