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Past Photos | Jacob Hayes

I have been exposed to photography more through videography than I have through actually taking pictures. I was on a couple of video making teams in high school and have loved making videos since I was about 12 years old. I recently purchased my own camera, mainly for video making, but I’m excited to learn how to take high quality images as well.  I’ve taken COMM 125, COMM 130, FDHUM 101, and other visual classes, but this will be my first real in-depth exposure (pun intended) to photography.


Well hello there! My name is Jacob Hayes and I am a Visual Communication major here at BYU-Idaho.I just turned 20 a couple of weeks ago. I’m from Ririe, Idaho (born and raised), which is about 20 minutes away from Rexburg. This is my fifth semester up here and I’ve loved it thus far!


Here are some photos that I have taken in the past for your consideration.


This was an image I took shortly after Ririe experienced a large scale fire. The sunsets were incredible. Photo Edits: Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance, and Levels. 


This was an image I took of my buddy while he was brushing his teeth. It was a fast image (thus the lack of clear focus), but I wanted it to be candid. He was smiling because he was caught so off guard. Photo Edits: Color Balance and Brightness/Contrast.


This was a picture I took of my sister when I was testing out the capabilities of my new camera. I was experimenting with some of the manual settings, but ended up getting more and more confused the deeper I got. Photo Edits: Brightness/Contrast and Levels.


This is an image of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. I visited that area of the country last summer, but I didn’t have an actual camera. I took this picture with my iPod, and thought it turned out alright.  Photo Edits: Brightness/Contrast and Levels.


This is another image I took after the fires that surrounded Ririe were contained. There was a valley that was full of 100+ year old trees that were all destroyed by the fires. I thought that would be a cool subject to capture.  Photo Edits: Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance, and Levels.

Unfortunately, since I don’t have a lot of experience with photography these are the only  “good” examples I have to show as of right now. I hope to take some really good photos over the course of this semester though to bolster up my photography portfolio.


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