Light – Motion: Freeze & Blur

Doing this project really made me sit and think about not only composing a shot that would be pleasing to look at, but also what shutter speed would be optimal for the shot that I wanted. After learning about shutter speed and aperture, I thought I really understood. It took me actually getting out there and taking photos to realize that there is a lot that comes with practice. I took way more pictures than are going to be posted, but that just goes to show that it takes time.


Creep Shot:  9/21/16, 1:00 pm, Outside the Spori Building, FL 55mm, f/20, 1/30 sec, Camera: Canon Rebel EOS T6i, Natural Lighting


This shot didn’t take too much effort, beyond tracking random passers by on the street and taking multiple pictures of them. This picture was taken while following the subject with the camera with a slower shutter speed to make the motion blur in the background apparent.

Vibrating Easy:  9/26/16, 7:00 pm, NorthPoint Apartments, FL 55mm, f/32, 2.6 sec, Camera: Canon Rebel EOS T6i, Desk Lamp / Indoor Lighting


In order to capture this image it did take a little bit of creative setup. I had a roommate hold a desk lamp about three feet away from the guitar to get the shadows where I wanted them, and I had the camera set  up on a tripod looking directly over the sound hole. I set the camera to have a 2 second timer, and as the picture was being taken I held the guitar with one hand so it would stay in focus, and plucked a singular E string.

Frozen Motion

Not a Care:  9/27/16, 11:30 am, Outside the Spori Building, FL 43mm, f/6.3, 1/500 sec, Camera: Canon Rebel EOS T6i, Natural Lighting


This photo drew heavily upon the creativity of others before me. The only trick to this one was finding a photo that had the right amount of exposure. I set the shutter speed to 1/500th of a second, but in hindsight I probably should’ve gone a little higher so the photo wasn’t quite as washed out (pre-editing).

Fall is in the Air:  9/27/16, 11:15 am, Outside the Spori Building, FL 55mm, f/5.6, 1/2000 sec, Camera: Canon Rebel EOS T6i, Natural Lighting


This image was fairly straightforward to capture, but boy was it annoying picking up the leaves after every shot. Problems that I didn’t forsee included things like: shadows from the leaves on the model’s face, picking up a dozen leaves for each image captured, and the looks of judgment on the faces of those who happened to pass by as I took the pictures.


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