Perspective of 12


I decided to take some photos of a respirator mask from the 50s because it was, quite honestly, the most visually interesting thing I could get my hands on. To get the mask isolated from its surroundings, I laid down a black sheet on top of a footstool. I then draped the sheet upwards and hung it up a couple of chairs. The lighting for all for all of these photos came from a single overhead light used in the frontroom (not ideal I realize, but I think they turned out alright). I wanted to go for some really dramatic photos so I made sure the background stayed dark and the mask was the only thing breaking that darkness.


Images not used in collage:

Texture Edited Image: 


To make this image I first took the final edited version of the original image into Photoshop and dropped the texture file onto a new layer. I set the blending mode of the texture layer to Overlay and dropped the opacity down to 70%. I then added a Color Balance adjustment layer to the texture layer itself and made the image more dramatic and blue. texturescom_grungemaps0087_m


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