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Up Close & Personal

Being able to take a photos of things up really close opened up a whole new world to my eyes. It was fun challenge to get some of the images for this project. I found myself looking at everything to see if it would be a good candidate for a macro shot, from toilet paper to the nasty backside of a carrot. I had to really try to get shots that were enjoyable to look at, which forced me to be more creative in my composure.

Macro Photography 

A Current Engagement: This was my favorite shot to capture. I got an engagement ring for a certain someone in my life, and figured it would be a great subject to capture images of. I set the ing inside the case it came in and tuned on a desk lamp to get the sparkles off the side like I wanted. I actually merged two photos together: I took one underexposed on purpose to get some sharp shadows and one on a normal exposure and masked the two together.


The Queen of Sass: This was one of many shots of currency that I captured, but this one was my favorite because it looks like the queen is looking at me with slight disdain, and I find that humorous. I chose to only focus on one of the eyes to let your brain fill in the gaps as to what exactly the other one looks like.


Wet Carrot Backside: I had a very limited supply of “vegetation” due to the amount of time that has elapsed since I last bought groceries. I had carrots, peppers, and spinach, and I figured that carrots would be the best subject for a photo out of the options available. I thought that the back of the carrot was the most visually compelling to take pictures of, albeit the nastiest.


Pepper Me Timbers: While carrots are probably more visually interesting, I also chose to moisten up a pepper stem to see if I could get a nice, sharp area of focus on a water droplet. You can ever so slightly see the reflection of a bottle of medicating powder in the water drop, as well as the blue tint of the bottle in the background. You probably would’ve found the image a little more interesting without knowing that fact, but there it is.



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