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Documentary: Fun Effects

This past week has been a week of experimentation. As part of the documentary, I want to have a “History of DND” section where we dive into the controversies, the timelines, and the stigmas of DND. In order to get the “retro” feel to these topics and tie in the timeline more effectively, I have elected to track the clips onto an old VCR/TV combo.

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Documentary: A Continuation

This week has been a week of collecting and sorting footage and setting up and scheduling interviews. I am recording a majority of my interviews on Tuesday, and the script for the documentary will evolve out of those interviews. They will make up the narrative structure for the doc, and as such, without them it becomes difficult to determine where the doc will “go”.

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Documentary: Filming has Commenced!

This week proved eventful in the realm of documentary production. The first session has been filmed. For the setup of the shoot I had 3 separate cameras running concurrently. I used a Sony NX-100, a Canon T6i, and a Canon 5D Mkii. The Sony NX-100 was the main camera for the shoot and was what I operated while the game was progressing. I recorded audio externally on a Zoom H1 connected to a Rode Videomic Pro.  Continue reading “Documentary: Filming has Commenced!”

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Documentary: The Beginning

When you hear the words Dungeons and Dragons, what do you think of? Basement dwelling nerds? Oober geeks with no personal life? A lack of social skills? Maybe a combination of all of the above. That doesn’t sit very well with me. Maybe it’s a bit of remorse, because I too used to have relatively negative ideas associated with DND, but once I got into the game and interacted with people who play my mindset shifted incredibly.

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Product Design Revamp

There comes a time in (almost) every brand’s life where a little bit of updating is required. Just like people, sometimes the things that we have become accustomed to grow old right before our very eyes. Does this mean they need to be killed? Absolutely not, but a little bit of tender love and care certainly go a long way. As such, I decided to rebrand one of my all time favorite hot sauces: Valentina.

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Infographics: A Screamin’ Good Time

The Idea

People are looking for ways to ingest information as quickly as possible. As the world becomes more and more fast paced, people are turning to infographics more than ever before. This is because they allow for a quick transfer of information and are easily accessible. I have produced only one other infographic before, so I figured it was time to try my hand at it once more. As I started work on this project, I realized quickly that the road ahead was not an easy one, or one that would be done quickly. I was in for the long haul. The hard, long haul.

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