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Product Design Revamp

There comes a time in (almost) every brand’s life where a little bit of updating is required. Just like people, sometimes the things that we have become accustomed to grow old right before our very eyes. Does this mean they need to be killed? Absolutely not, but a little bit of tender love and care certainly go a long way. As such, I decided to rebrand one of my all time favorite hot sauces: Valentina.

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Infographics: A Screamin’ Good Time

The Idea

People are looking for ways to ingest information as quickly as possible. As the world becomes more and more fast paced, people are turning to infographics more than ever before. This is because they allow for a quick transfer of information and are easily accessible. I have produced only one other infographic before, so I figured it was time to try my hand at it once more. As I started work on this project, I realized quickly that the road ahead was not an easy one, or one that would be done quickly. I was in for the long haul. The hard, long haul.

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Personal Identity Project

The Reason

I’ve always been drawn to brands that have consistent and appealing design. Call it the graphic designer inside me. Call it being drawn to the beautiful, to the neat and tidy. Regardless of what you call it, I always wanted that. I always wanted something to call my own. Something to set me apart from the rest. That was the end goal of this project. I wanted to brand myself in such a way that made me that neat and consistent brand.

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Photobook Creations

Learning how to capture and edit images has brought me extremely useful skills that will carry me far in my communication career. In order to showcase some of the skills that I have gained over the semester, I designed and printed out a photobook. This way, I can show my work off to potential employers as a representation of what I can do.

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Portraits & Enhancements

Learning how to model people and get nice portraits is a really good skillset to have as a photographer. Working with people from a variety of backgrounds (age, gender, past experience, etc) makes for an interesting job. But the practice was good. I had three separate photoshoots that I did for this assignment. I did one of two high school buddies of mine, one of my nieces, and one of my nephew. Getting even more familiar with the editing process and getting the workflow down helped a lot too.

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Brochures, Baby

To start off with the design of my brochure I decided on a central message: Oregon is Awesome. From that branched off the other various aspects of my design. I started off with sketches on a regular piece of paper to kind of get a feel for what I would like my brochure to look, layout wise. I transferred that sketch into Adobe InDesign and computerized my sketch by placing in filler text and potential images.

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