BYU-Idaho Student With Celiac Disease Finds Comfort in a Changing World

At BYU-Idaho there are more students with celiac than you may think, and as with any other disease there are challenges that sometimes go unnoticed by others. Jordan Noall is a student that has hope and confidence in a strifeful world because of the attention that celiac disease is getting. Watch the video below to see his story and hear his message of comfort.

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Behind the Scenes

A person with celiac goes, on average, between 6 and 10 years to be correctly diagnosed. For people like Jordan, it’s easier because he comes from a family with a history of the disease, but the effects of the disease still persists. I interviewed Jordan because I have known him for quite some time and he has always been a cheerful person despite the challenges he faces. Getting to interview him and hear why he remains so positive was a great experience.

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BYU-Idaho and the Red Cross Invite Students And Community Members to Donate

Each semester the Red Cross and BYU-Idaho work together to put on a blood drive to help people that are truly in need. The event runs smoothly and professionally because of the work of the student volunteers and the Red Cross employees. Because of the synergy that is present between these two groups, the event continues to happen and brings in many people. Some of the donors come each and every semester because of their love to donate. This video looks at the ways that the event is set up as well as what it is like to donate.

Project 8 – Brochure

Front / Back




Description: A two sided,  tri-folding, full bleed, offset brochure.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

To start off with the design of my brochure I decided on a central message: Oregon is Awesome. From that branched off the other various aspects of my design. I started off with sketches on a regular piece of paper to kind of get a feel for what I would like my brochure to look, layout wise. I transferred that sketch into Adobe InDesign and computerized my sketch by placing in filler text and potential images.

To start implementing more permanent design pieces I went in and wrote four separate paragraphs that would be integrated throughout the design. I wrote the text with the design in mind and used proper grammar and punctuation as well as creating headings and subheadings to aid in flow.

I then went into Adobe Illustrator and designed a set of logos for my fiction company: ExplOregon. The color scheme matched the various design elements (boxes) within my brochure. I then placed the logo in my design on the front and back for repetition and to solidify my message a little.

I then went into Adobe Photoshop and edited the images that I was going to place in the design to make them all match a little more and tie in with the color scheme. I cut out the image of the water wheel and set it as a layer mask and placed it in the InDesign document and wrapped a section of my text around it. I also created the rectangular design elements in Photoshop (and a little in Illustrator) and placed those .psd files in the InDesign document.

To finish I took all of these various pieces and turned them into one, fully functional design. I printed and trimmed the edges to make the design a full bleed print and scored the edges before folding to prevent poor fold edges.


Programs/Tools Used:Adobe InDesign/Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop

Message: To inform the public of all that the state of Oregon has to offer.

Audience: Anyone looking to travel, especially those looking to travel to a beautiful place.

Top Thing Learned: How to successfully use different software together to create a design that is appealing.

Color scheme and color names: Big Split Complementary:  Teal, Brick, Gold, and Violet

Title Font Name & Category: Seravek Bold – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Seravek Regular – Sans Serif

Word count of Body Copy: 404

Thumbnails of Images used:

eda0fb7cphoto-1418065460487-3e41a6c84dc5wavesrv1BIw0tSKi0xLtGrpR0_TE3_0185IMG_3088Portland skyline and beautiful sky

Sources (Links to images on original websites):


Project 7 – Web Page



A web page designed to showcase a previously created logo as well as my proficiency in HTML and CSS developing.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
I wrote and formatted the HTML and CSS for this this web page entirely using the text editor TextWrangler. I have had previous experience with HTML as well as with JavaScript , but using CSS was a learning experience for me. Learning how the different formats and languages interact with each other will definitely be an advantage in the work place. To start I created the bare-bones HTML document with what each page was going to say and do. This process was not difficult given my prior knowledge of HTML. However, when it can time to style the pages using CSS I found myself struggling a little. So, using a pre-coded CSS sheet as a template I learned how to utilize this new language and enjoyed it immensely.

I used the colors from my logo as the basis for the various colors within my web page. I found these colors by opening Photoshop and using the eyedropper tool. I also used padding around the logo, text, and list items so that they would not be too close to the edge of the web page. To finish, I recoreded (screen-captured) the interactive portions of my website and uploaded the video to YouTube.

Programs/Tools Used: TextWrangler, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quicktime, and iMovie 

Message: That Astoria Aquatics is a place that you can visit with your children without it being boring to you.

Audience:  Anybody from in the community or traveling through that would like to learn about the wonders of water based life.

Top Thing Learned: How to properly utilize and write HTML and CSS code.

Color scheme and color hex: Analogous: Teal #C3E2C3; Green #a4d0c1; Blue #516593;

Title Font Families & Category: (all names)  Calibiri Bold, Helvetica, San Serif

Copy Font Families & Category: (all names) Calibiri Regular, Helvetica, San Serif

Changes made to the CSS: I made various color and font changes, as well as styling options for hovering over links and hovering over certain list items. I changed font styles and colors, as well as different aspects of the way that the links interact with each other, but there may be too much involved for me to just type it out, so I have attached a video to showcase the website’s interface as well as to show that the page and links function as intended.

Word Count Overall: 552