Fine Art Print

For my fine art print, I chose one of the photos that I took at Bannack. I looked at the image in the camera immediately after taking it and thought it looked pretty dang good. Upon review on my computer, I realized it was grossly underexposed. I went through and cleaned up the exposure, and did some non-destructive burns and dodges, and added some color correction. I sharpened the image using a unsharp mask. I also went in and added some artificial light coming in from the door, to go along with the glow around the door anyway. When I got the print, I realized just how dark things get when they print, and the image was a bit soft despite the sharpening, but I like the way it turned out.

Before Edits:


After Edits:




BYU-Idaho and the Red Cross Invite Students And Community Members to Donate

Each semester the Red Cross and BYU-Idaho work together to put on a blood drive to help people that are truly in need. The event runs smoothly and professionally because of the work of the student volunteers and the Red Cross employees. Because of the synergy that is present between these two groups, the event continues to happen and brings in many people. Some of the donors come each and every semester because of their love to donate. This video looks at the ways that the event is set up as well as what it is like to donate.


Tasteful Typography

So this project was all about integrating text into images to add to them without taking away the value of the image itself. While at Bannack ghost town I took lots of images of windows as a theme for this typography project. Once I had enough images I was satisfied with I took the images into Photoshop and made edits to make the images display quality. Then I chose a couple of images with adequate negative space to add text to them to add to the feel of the images. I also made a watermark using my signature and a complimenting font.

Layout design Font: Lato Bold (Sans Serif)


Title Font: Marcelle Script Regular (Script)

Body Font: Khmer MN Bold (Oldstyle)


Title Font: Geared Slab Thin (Slab Serif)

Body Font: Lato Light (Sans Serif)


Title Font: Marcelle Script Regular (Script)


jacobhayes-window12 jacobhayes-window11 jacobhayes-window10 jacobhayes-window5 jacobhayes-window4 jacobhayes-window2 jacobhayes-window1


Bannack Best | Creative

Levitation – This shot was created by taking a series of two images, one of just the room and one where I was laying on a stool. I took both images into Photoshop and masked out the stool to make it look like I was floating in the air.


img_2811  Original Room Image   img_2812 Original With Stool

Out of the Box – I created this image by taking a lot of shots of Bannack from a singular location and stitching them together in Photoshop. I then worked some Photoshop magic (which can easily be Googled to figure out how to accomplish on you own) and created a little world.


Abstract – This is an image of a fire hydrant located at Bannack, and was hidden away. The hydrant itself is quite old, and looked well worn and not often used. I was told by some of the park curators that they have a very touchy fire system because everything is old and dry, and as such there is a high fire risk. Had the curator been around when I was about to take the photo I most likely wouldn’t have been able to take it because of the “touchiness” of the system, but I made sure to be careful and got the images I wanted. Originally, the hydrant was yellow and purple but I added a texture overlay and set the blending mode to color, which brought in the cooler blue.