Tasteful Typography

So this project was all about integrating text into images to add to them without taking away the value of the image itself. While at Bannack ghost town I took lots of images of windows as a theme for this typography project. Once I had enough images I was satisfied with I took the images into Photoshop and made edits to make the images display quality. Then I chose a couple of images with adequate negative space to add text to them to add to the feel of the images. I also made a watermark using my signature and a complimenting font.

Layout design Font: Lato Bold (Sans Serif)


Title Font: Marcelle Script Regular (Script)

Body Font: Khmer MN Bold (Oldstyle)


Title Font: Geared Slab Thin (Slab Serif)

Body Font: Lato Light (Sans Serif)


Title Font: Marcelle Script Regular (Script)


jacobhayes-window12 jacobhayes-window11 jacobhayes-window10 jacobhayes-window5 jacobhayes-window4 jacobhayes-window2 jacobhayes-window1


Bannack Best | Creative

Levitation – This shot was created by taking a series of two images, one of just the room and one where I was laying on a stool. I took both images into Photoshop and masked out the stool to make it look like I was floating in the air.


img_2811  Original Room Image   img_2812 Original With Stool

Out of the Box – I created this image by taking a lot of shots of Bannack from a singular location and stitching them together in Photoshop. I then worked some Photoshop magic (which can easily be Googled to figure out how to accomplish on you own) and created a little world.


Abstract – This is an image of a fire hydrant located at Bannack, and was hidden away. The hydrant itself is quite old, and looked well worn and not often used. I was told by some of the park curators that they have a very touchy fire system because everything is old and dry, and as such there is a high fire risk. Had the curator been around when I was about to take the photo I most likely wouldn’t have been able to take it because of the “touchiness” of the system, but I made sure to be careful and got the images I wanted. Originally, the hydrant was yellow and purple but I added a texture overlay and set the blending mode to color, which brought in the cooler blue.



Bannack Best | Fine Art

Prison Window


Skull of Some Sort


Broken Wheel


Black and White – Window Panes


HDR Photo – This photo was created by taking three separate exposures (-2, 0, +2) and combining them to highlight each of the good aspect of the three exposures. I edited the exposures together using the HDR Efex Pro 2 part of the Nik Series.